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The Life of Riley

Definition of "the Life of Riley" :
A carefree, comfortable, and thouroughly enjoyable way of living.
When I asked my parents where my name came from, my mom answered in the most clear tone like it was obvious. She said, "I use to tell your father 'oh Neil, you live the life of Riley.' One day your father and I were thinking of baby names and since he was the 3rd of the 3rd of the 3rd son, he wanted his 3rd kid to be a boy and name him "Riley". He wanted his 3rd son to 'live the life of Riley' like he did. When you came out a girl, we decided to name you Amanda. I looked at your father and said well she needs a middle name, let's make it Amanda Riley. And it just stuck. You have grown into your name, living your own life of Amanda Riley." - My Mom, Adrianne Ferree.
After hearing this story, it really inspired me to continue living my life by design. It's exactly what my parents wanted and intended. It's like they knew I would be the way I am. Free spirited, doing what I want and love. That's my Life of Amanda Riley.
My goal with this brand is to use this platform to help all of you turn your dreams into your realities. The LOAR app is the first ever interactive dream board right at your finger tips. Where you'll be able to create, design, request accountability coaching and watch your dreams come true. LOARs coaches use a proven technology for accomplishment known to most self-development courses. With the custom "DREAM PIECE" aspect, LOARs target demographic ranges from the 15 year old who wants to create her life by design and get into her dream college, to the 60 year old man who is about to retire and wants to continue to live a fulfilling life. To support the development of this app, head to the kickstarter campaign to donate or just purchase merchandise. All proceeds go to funding this amazing transformation app. To contribute to having peoples dreams come true. To build a community of like minded people, lift each other up and creating an everlasting impact on peoples lives. Thank you for your love and support. XO LOAR

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